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Hamed:Breaking New Ground in Yiwu

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2011-06-04

Hamed F Moula, coming from
London in Britain, is a very kind and
voluble businessman. When I saw him in
the office of Moula And Co. Ltd in
Meihu residential quarter, his genial
smile was as warm as a morning sunshine.
Trading in shoes, clothing, electronic
accessories, artwares, Hamed
had stayed in Yiwu for a whole year. "I
am fond of the fresh air and the relaxed
environment here." said Hamed.
Why did Hamed
came to China for business?
Hamed said it was a long story.
The good impression Hamed made
of China originated from his graduate
studying period. It was in 1993, during
his graduate studying, that Hamed got
to know a Chinese friend in London."Her
grace, her kindness, her honesty,her
good manner and her diligence left me
a deep impression. That time I always
visited her family, her husband and she
were both hospitable and thus our
friendship was deep and steady."
This deep and steady friendship
had a positive influence to Hamed's
business road. "After the attainment of
my bachelor degree, my Chinese
friends moved to Canada, and I chose
to do pioneering business, and opened
this Moula And Co. Ltd." Hamed confessed
that the minute he knew the
Canton Fair in China from the Internet,he
made the decision to visit the country
which he was longing for.
This Vibrant City made Him Stay
So Hamed's tour to China begun.
"You should know that my initial
business was done in the Canton Fair,
that time Guangzhou was also my permanent
base in China."In 2009, the most
frequent hearsay Hamed heard of was a
city called Yiwu in the southeast part of
China. "Those who had been to Yiwu
said that they were so deeply impressed
by the large mart there. They took it as
a booming commercial city."
"This International Trade City did
widely open my mind, the mart made
me realize that the business can be
done like this." Hamed stated outright
that he decided to develop his business
here the minute he saw the mart. "This
city is nothing like my hometown London,
which is crowded and noisy. This
small city is vibrant with fresh air and
natural environment."
Hamed soon set up the agent office
in Yiwu for his company, and he became
a frequent flier. "As my mother
company is in London, I fly back to
London every three months to inspect
the operation there!"

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