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A little Afghan overseas student has schooling in Yiwu

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author:       Date: 2009-12-01

As the school bell rang ,the kids rushed out
of the classroom , shouting and crying
excitedly . San Long , 10 years old ,
grade 4 student in Wuai Primary School in
Yiwu ,Zhejiang Province ,ran the fastest . San
Long came to Yiwu with his mother in 2007
from Kabul ,Afghanistan and began his study in
Wuai Primary School in September ,2008 .
“ The name San Long was given by my
private tutor . Actually , my name is Saeed . ”
The little handsome boy introduced in Mandarin
, pointing to his brothers Hasse and
Harry ,“ We three brothers all like Chinese
painting class . I’m good at it . ”
Zhang Huaiqing , the teacher of painting
class ,told us the first time when San Long had
painting class , he was so curious about the
Chinese brush pen that he thought it could be
eaten , so he b i t i t ,which caused the
classmates ’laughter . Once after San Long finished
painting ,he became so interested in the
black ink that he poured the ink on the desk
The desk was painted into black and it annoyed
Mr. Zhang.
Since 2000 , San Long’s father has been
running an import & export company in
Yiwu ,a city known as the global supermarket
His business is prosperous and he pays a lot of
attention to his sons ’ study in China . He has
hired a Chinese teacher to help them with their
homework and Chinese learning after class . Besides
,a desk is furnished in the company for the
sons to do homework. The father always tells his
staff to be strict with his sons .

San Long is energetic and active out of
class . He often slips into the school ’s Wushu
classroom to play with those sticks and swords .
He admires Chinese martial art stars like Cheng
Long and Li Xiaolong (Bruce Lee) and is determined
to become the third dragon of Chinese
martial art following the two dragons (Long
means dragon in Chinese). “Chinese ,Chinese
martial arts and Chinese painting are no problem
for me. I will be as good as you at these three
courses in a short while ,”said Sanlong to his
classmates .
According to the Exposition Management Office
of Yiwu government ,1 . 7 million kinds of
products had been exported to 215 countries and
regions from Yiwu by October , 2009 . Yiwu
market has become the largest commodities wholesale
market in the world and has attracted more
than 13 , 000 overseas businessmen from more
than 100 countries and regions to settle down in
Yiwu and purchase here . There are 320 overseas
students like Sanlong from over 20 countries
studying in Yiwu.

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