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Bus IC Card Transfer within an Hour 30% Discount

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-07-16

Recently, friends, "12 son" in a forum posting: I just heard the past KFC to buy drinks at half price in the second cup, I did not expect the brush bus card, one hour transfer, the second 70%, this happened?
  In order to ascertain the facts, I hold the bus IC card to verify a. At 9:49 on July 5, in Yiwu, the Second Station, take the 300, the fare card machines shows 1.35 yuan to the Business School; 9:59 in the Industrial and Commercial College Station, transfer to 20 Road, POS 1.05 yuan fare, really hit 7 fold, Binwang. 10:25, Binwang car, but also take the K101 Road, POS fare of 1.05 yuan.

By the above data was informed that within half an hour to hold a public transportation IC card transfer can indeed enjoy a 30% discount.
  The Yiwu constant air bus company staff, the bus IC card holders within one hour transfer bus 30% discount, which is a city bus ticket to implement the integration of urban and rural areas in 2010 when the New Deal.
Holders of public transportation IC card and enjoy 30% discount, which are applicable in the same line and between the different lines of transfer bus within one hour. Between the time from your first credit card to a second credit card within an hour, you can hit 7 fold, credit card automatically read time.

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