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Yiwu ShangTan village tourism project to implement joint-stock

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2012-07-15

48-year-old Wu Cui Yong Yiwu on the Town, the Shangtan village the villagers. Yesterday morning, he was carrying a hoe come back from the individual plots. 7:30, he went to the village one thousand meters chute tourism projects at work, one by one to view the 20 slide car nut loose, the seat belt is intact.

After April 1, Wu Cui Yong has a new identity, cableway management and maintenance staff, a monthly salary of 1800 yuan. Pre-service, but also specifically to Hangzhou training two to obtain a maintenance card and appointment card, very formal. "Wu Cui Yong took out the documents to us.

Farmer Wu Cui Yong In fact, there is a very stylish identity village farmhouse shareholders of tourism development projects in 2009 and 2011, respectively, invested 20,000 yuan in the Village "Taohuawu Villa and slide strop tourism projects. Today, these two investments, has got a 12,700 yuan bonus.

Home savings Otherwise, I will certainly cast some money into it, the more return. "Wu Cui Yong said with a smile," village tourism development well, not only employment, but also fun in dividends. not happy? "

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