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Foreigners buy house inYiwu also under the control of restriction

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2011-10-17

With the growing development of international trade, Yiwu attracted more and more foreigners to stay. Some foreigners intended to stay in Yiwu permanently, so buy real estate or office here, it is said the number are big.
Reporter yesterday learned from the real estate agent and related department, foreigners have to pay attention to some of the issues to buy a house in Yiwu.

    Buy house mostly for living and do business
A young Pakistani businessmen named "Lucky," he came to Yiwu a few years ago, and with several fellow set up offices in Red House Hotel in Yiwu. These years, his business is doing good, the company had a few cars. In his words, their quality of life in China also rank middle and upper level.
    However, as to buying house in Yiwu, he said he had not considered. "For someone like me need to stay for doing business in China for a long term, the visa is quite a troublesome, if relevant material is not complete, only two or three months is also possible, even bought buy a house, I cannot live too long. "he said, the other reason he did not want to buy a house in Yiwu is the  price is too high.
However, some foreigners think differently with Ji Xiang. "In accordance with the relevant provisions, foreigners rent a house needs BMS record, some of them feel this is very troublesome, simply to buy a set." Yiwu Xing Fang, general manager of the coordinates of real estate, said his company opened the in the end of 2008, The first business is to help a South Korean businessmen seller, so far they have made a few foreign trade business.

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