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Making a happy life by making bright headbands

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Yama      Date: 2007-12-12

Walking along a brook with clear running water in Teng Village of LangyaTown, Wucheng District of Jinhua City, we come to Ye Qing' house.
When we are there, Ye Qing is busy with some other women in her home crowded with color-rioting textiles. She is distributing materials to manufacturers.
After she is through with task distribution, she comes up to entertain our request for interview and begins to talk about her business of processing headbands with supplied materials.
Ye Qing started the business 11 years ago as a pioneer in this trade in her village. She did this just because she had a younger sister who married someone in Yiwu and lived there, and therefore might know business information better. Ye Qing was then a leader of the women organization in the village. She used to see so many women idle in the village, so she asked her younger sister in Yiwu if it was possible for them to do some jobs. Her sister asked a boss in Yiwu, but the boss was not very confident about Ye Qing' ability, because Ye had never done that before.So the boss said to Ye politely that if she could fulfill his requirements, he would entrust the job to her.
So Ye Qing lived in the home of her younger sister for one year, learning what the processing job requires. One year later, she "graduated"and  went back to her village. She gathered the women in the village and began their business of headband processing.
Ye Qing takes us to a household on the other side of the brook, where we see two women busy manufacturing bright yellow headhands with a sewing machine. We are told that the younger woman is the daughter in law of the elder woman. They say that they can earn 60 to 70 yuan a day from making heandbands. And the mother at home and take care of the crops at the same time. When asked if it's tiring, the daughter in law soon answered that she enjoys doing the business though it seems to be a drudgery because she works for herself. It is learned that making headbads has become a main source of income of the women in the villages of Langya Town.

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