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Yiwu carried out on the second economic census bulletin

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author:       Date: 2008-10-01

In 2008 the State Council decided to conduct second national economic census. To conscientiously implement "the State Council, on the second national economic census notice" (National Development [2007] No. 35) and the "Zhejiang Provincial People's Government in the province to carry out a second notice of the economic census" (Zhejiang government made [2008 ] 14), "Yiwu People's Government in the city to carry out a second notice of the economic census" (2008 Yoshimasa made 〔〕 32), the matter will now notice as follows:

First, the survey: the city of all units and self-employed households.

Second, the main content of the survey: the basic unit property, employees, financial situation, production and management, production, energy consumption, energy equipment, information technology, science and technology activities, and so on.

Third, the Census: Census accordance with the "survey to" principle adopted by the district census conducted in principle to a village, neighborhood (community) for a census district. Yiwu City in the self-employed households and units should be in accordance with the location or the department of economic census agency's request, to fill in a form of work to do a good job.

Fourth, the census: the second economic census during the survey is the year 2008, the census survey is a de facto December 31, 2008. The census carried out in four phases, by the end of December 2008 before the preparatory phase, in which mapping exercise in September to 12 months; in January 2009 -9 on the census for the registration and data-processing stage; in October 2009 -2010 At the end of the data and publish information on the development and application stage.

The economic census to study the formulation of national economic and social development planning, optimizing the economic structure, improving macro-control, the promotion of sustainable and harmonious economic and social development, accelerate the achievement of a comprehensive well-off society is of great significance. Actively cooperate with the investigation, truthfully fill in the economic census every table is a flat and self-employed households obligations, and no unit or individual shall not be false, under-reporting, the newspaper refused, forged, altered census data. Economic census bodies at all levels involving state secrets and trade secret information will be given in accordance with relevant laws and strictly confidential.

It is hereby announced.

Yiwu for the second time the Office of the Leading Group for Economic Census

September 29, 2008

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