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Yiwu market building a"logistics Heights"

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2008-10-04

The service industry is driving local economic development boosters, is a measure of the extent of economically developed cities in the bar, all around the development of the service sector as a new economic growth points, especially the modern service industry in the ascendant. Based on market and support the exhibition industry, the rapid development of the city's service sector, the total average annual growth rate of more than 15%.

To make up the development of modern service industry, "Duantui" In recent years, Yiwu municipal government committed to nurturing and supporting the focus of the exhibition solidarity with the market, our competitive edge in logistics industry, to create a positive, "exhibition city", building a "logistics Heights" International trade is also due the city.

A practitioner of the "Yiwu Hong Kong" and look forward to

As a national and even international circulation of small, Yiwu of the logistics industry has a fertile ground for growth. Thousands of daily exports of container cargo throughput makes Yiwu has become the province's major inland port, the province's busiest carrier, the largest volume of one of the four major logistics hub, the provincial government was identified as the three "customs clearance "One of the key building. In this starting point, Yiwu municipal government has set a higher goal: to improve the building of the "Yiwu Hong Kong" for the typical signs of regional logistics Heights has become an important national and even global effects of small commodities distribution hub.

"This vision is very good, I also believe that to achieve, but in the future there is still a difficult way to go." Yiwu League of Nations Joint Logistics general manager Xue of confidence in the prospects for the development of the logistics industry. He said he had engaged in the maritime industry in Shanghai, Yiwu missed the 1990's tradition of the rapid development of the transport of gold, then spring up all over the consignment Department now have ample financial resources, many business owners have to dig on this first pot of gold, realized Wealthy dream.

Recalling the development of the logistics industry in Yiwu context, bring their own small pieces of goods, to fight car checked, with the market development Xiangrong Health. The active domestic trade, stimulate the prosperity of the transportation market; and an increase in exports, the birth of international cargo. Xue is the joint international freight start to Yiwu in 2000 "Gold Rush" At that time, domestic transport network has been basically mature, he will aim at a piece of "virgin land." "At that time Yiwu mainly by the export trade, did not start well, especially during the 2003 SARS, a confusion of the logistics industry as a whole." He said that in order to open up the market, he had a lot of attempts, and planted fall-off. After SARS, the market recovery, logistics blowout, finally ushered in a second golden age of development. It was his understanding that with Yiwu's exports is increasing year by year, most of the logistics enterprises will increase in volume of business in more than 50%.

The logistics industry in the spring to allow the completion of a joint Xue primitive accumulation of capital and the rapid expansion, the realization of foreign trade orders, storage, equipment cabinets, a one-stop clearance service. Staff from the first few people to more than 60 people in the transport of goods exported more than 8,000 TEUs, and have set up a 36 container truck fleet operators to become Jinhua only own a team of international logistics enterprises. Set the logistics industry chain appears to be a very competitive edge, but the United Xue was helpless sigh, "Yiwu good foundation for the development of logistics, relevant policies are also superior to the industry to create a good living space."

Xue in the joint opinion, to be built at the door "of Hong Kong absolute," the prerequisite is to ensure there are enough resources and container. "Yiwu logistics enterprises in the hands of the boxes did not need to one day in advance or in Ningbo to Shanghai empty, two-way have to bear the cost of transport. In this sense, Yiwu is not the true sense of the inland port is the only packing Only to. Although there are many shipping companies to set up an office in Yiwu, the local logistics of individual small enterprises and logistics operation falls short of their demands, they do not want to Yiwu directly on the container. "In the This, in conjunction Xue Dakui eaten as early as 2002 that he had tried to "sea" take a direct container shipping companies in order to reduce logistics costs, but because of unstable supply, can not afford expensive fees stagnation me, but To give up. However, he firmly believes that the adoption or foster the introduction of a number of competitive enterprises in modern logistics, into a "Yiwu Hong Kong" is just around the corner.

We should appreciate that, in order to solve the problem of asymmetric information, a few days ago, the province has developed a set of e-port "of the international logistics information system" through information sharing, to help link the import export business enterprises, as far as possible to reduce the rate of no-load containers, To improve the efficiency of working capital. This set of "e-logistics" system in Yiwu international logistics center trial, with the conditional shipping companies to set up in Yiwu also me, me with much-needed logistics enterprises will be close to me also point to empty, the largest Limit the use of containers increased efficiency.

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