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120,000 Wenzhou businessmen in Yiwu venture

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author:       Date: 2008-10-25

A few days ago from Jinhua Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce held the fourth anniversary celebration of the second and the second general meeting was informed that as the largest in Yiwu, the largest of the "first foreign legion", the Chamber of Commerce recently established the first regional Chamber of Commerce Jinhua grass-roots party branch .

According to incomplete statistics, at present in the area of Jinhua Wenzhou businessmen, entrepreneurs nearly 15 million, of which to do business in Yiwu of up to 120,000 people, entertainment, hotels, catering, logistics, real estate, jewelry, leather goods, toys, printing and so on Industry, enterprises have become part of the temperature within the industry and even the backbone of Yiwu enterprises.

It is understood that the number of members of Jinhua Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce has been set up at the beginning of the more than 270 to more than 800 people present. The establishment of four years, Jinhua Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in the sharing of information resources and safeguarding the interests of members, set up two economic and trade activities of the anti-poverty platform, as well as donors to pay back the community has made unremitting efforts. Last year, the Chamber of Commerce has also set up a poverty alleviation fund, to 1,000,000 yuan of funds into the development of social welfare undertakings, to help vulnerable groups. 5.12 in Wenchuan earthquake, the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce to the earthquake-stricken area contribution of more than 60 million.

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