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Commodity market has become an interview with Chinese and foreign reporters at t

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2008-07-24

With the Beijing Olympics is approaching, a few days ago, foreign propaganda Office of the provincial party committee and the provincial government established the Information Office of Chinese and foreign journalists an interview with four Olympic circuit, a total of 57 interviews, the city was recommended as the commodity market, "an interview with the Western" Jinhua Station 5 An interview with one of a point.

Because the world's largest commodity market, a city in the gathering activities, reflecting the achievements of reform and opening up, the important development of commerce industry recommended points. In an interview with Olympic Zhejiang line on the web site, an interview at the road map be placed in home location, next to mark the four-way interview the various regions. Entered the site, according to the classification "Overview, hot news, interviews, useful information, interviews provided the" five columns, and is easy to access.Click on "Press Room" section, "Yiwu - the world's largest small commodity wholesale market" was placed in the top of most pages, pages with text in the form of a brief account of the size of the market and corresponding supporting the manufacturing industry, logistics, etc. And interview contacts.

It is understood that during the Olympics, there will be 30,000 more than the world's major media reporters to our news gathering and reporting, they are not only concerned about the Olympics, but also concerned about China's economic development achievements. Commodity market has become an interview with Chinese and foreign reporters at the Olympic Games, will demonstrate to the city and to upgrade the image of the opportunities.

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