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Large-scale art show will return to the Yiwu Fair

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2011-09-22

Yesterday, the 2011 Yiwu Fair will host large-scale art show has been confirmed by the Yiwu Office Director Liu. According to reports, the scale of this Yiwu Fair is unprecedented, a total of 6500 international standard booths, as of now, more than 5,000 booths have been "unofficially crowned." During the Fair, in addition to host the World Sourcing, net goods trade fairs and other activities, will aiso held the public long-awaited large-scale art show.
It is understood that, after 2007, the city did not held the large-scale art show during the Fair, and the public asked for the restoration of the performance. Last year, Yiwu people are launched a vote online that "which term of Yiwu Fair impressed you most," the highest number of votes is the 6th Fair. Those gorgeous fireworks across the night sky, the beautifu songs of Alan Tam, Song Zuyin and other stars, made so many people find it difficult to forget. Many people today still remember those who bring laughter in Yiwu Fair large-scale art show.
"In the past people held Yiwu Fair is as celebrate festaval, many people say without the art show, which loss a lot of holiday flavor, ordinary people have less participation." Miss Liu smiled. In fact, organizing large-scale art show is also good to held exhibition and attract investment, a lot of businessmen in Yiwu will invite clients in the name of large-scale art show to negotiate, more or less can boost the show popular.

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