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Yiwu Hotels

Yiwu's daily floating population is above 200,000,this boost the development of hotel industry.There are thousands of hotels distributing at the downtown.And among them there are 3 hotels under five-stars standard,9 hotels under four-stars standard and 11 hotels under three-stars standard.

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Sourcing agent

Procurement Agent, Procurement service
Our company has professional purchasing staff for all markets. Through their service, they can save purchasing cost for old and new clients, and improve procurement efficiency.

Information Collection
When clients provide all necessary information such as the quality, property and others about the products they need, or if sample of product could be provided, our company will have special and professional buyer to keep in touch and chase, then collect supplier's information.
Accompanying Order
The professional buyer of our company will be as your market guider when you buy anything in market, you will then select supplier more easily and quickly after comparing with quality and price, which will save you valuable time.
Sign Purchasing Order
The buyer of our company will bring the purchasing order that is printed the name of our company to place the purchasing order to supplier to be as client, stating the product's quality, packaging and delivery time and so on.
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Advantage Business
LCL for Bulk Cargo
The transportation service of LCL for bulk cargo is also available for us, which can meet the need of transportation to all ports all over the world, and provide the door to door transportation service, as well as the transportation service from door to destination port. Certainly, we shall offer you best competitive price for these service.
Order Tracking
The buyer of our company will track supplier's production process after the purchasing order is placed, so as to ensure that the supplier can complete ordered goods on time with good quality and full quantity, and then deliver goods to the designated warehouse within the required delivery time. Goods Inspection
All goods will be inspected strictly so as to make sure that the goods supplied by supplier are conformable with the requirements specified on purchasing order, and then prevent clients from any unnecessary loss since the reason of inadequate quantity, poor quality and packaging. Invoicing & Payment
The financial department of our company will calculate cost during client is in the process of purchasing, which keep them know fairly well each cost about the purchased items, prevent them from any unnecessary loss of capital losses since the reason of busyness. The financial department of our company will also submit the payment for goods to supplier as per the appointment.
Loan Guarantee
Based on the concept of "Credit standing upmost, honest and sincerity principal", we can also provide short-term loan guarantee to all clients so as to keep client's capital convenient for turnover.

We shall keep close eyes on market tendency continuously, and provide new available sample to client that may be interested by them, let client keep in touch with market tendency.