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Brown sugar festival celebrated

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Yama      Date: 2007-11-30

In the morning of nov.18 , the brown sugar festival was open in XiLou village of Yiting  town the home town of brown sugar .Yiwu brown sugar is one of the three treasure of Yiwu with a history of more than 300 years . Yiwu brown sugar branded as Huangpeiji won first prize in Hangzhou west lake expo as early as in the year of 1992 . in order t o better brown sugar industry ,Yiwu brown sugar producers combine the traditional workmanship with scientific formula to form the advanced technology to produce more than 100 kinds of leisure food such as ginger sugar ,ginger & brown sugar soup,sliced ginger& brown sugar ,ginger tea etc .these products are only best sellers in mainland of china ,but also export to different countries and region like Japan .south Korea ,Singapore ,Maliysia and Hongkong . the picture shows that employees of Hongtai biological CO.LTD are making brown sugar in the traditional way .
 the 3rd Yiwu brown sugar festival was opened on November 18th . citizens in Xilou villiage of Yiting town had their “sweet cranival” . brown sugar of Yiwu is one of the agricultural products with local flavor and rich nutrition which was created by Yiwu people after long time farming practice .two brown sugar  festivals were held in the last two years to protect and promote this special and traditional industry . the festivals brought profit for brown sugar producers ,who are mostly local peanuts and fame for Yiwu brown sugar ,which facilitated agricultural production and increased income of local peanuts . in order to further protect and develop the production of brown sugar and tourism with the festival as its media ,Yiwu government will invest more and strengthen the guide function to set up brand of Yiwu brown sugar so as to strengthen brown sugar industry .

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