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Made in Yiwu Folding Stool will be Loaded onto the London Olympic Games

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-07-12

London, UK Olympic Games will be held according to one of the UK's largest supermarket Dunelm yesterday outgoing information, Yiwu merchants floor Chi Bridge in November last year, eight container folding stool popular, most of which will be used for the London Olympics.
  July 9, the reporter saw the warehouse of the Shang and Lin Import & Export Co., Ltd. in Yiwu similar plastic folding stool. This folding stool style is diverse, stylish, rich colors, folding is more convenient. Allegedly, the export of these plastic folding stools a large part of the auditorium, and the referee of the London Olympic stadium benches, some will become of urban residents in the United Kingdom outdoor leisure products, very popular with the market favor.
  The 30-year-old Lou Zhi bridge a year ago and co-founder of the Shang and Lin Import and Export Co., Ltd.. U.S. Mississippi College four years later, he plunged headlong into the Yiwu market, with fluent English and understands the English culture, the foreign trade business to do in Germany, Britain, Italy, Belgium and other countries supermarkets. In October last year, he entered into a collaboration by Ali Baba and the UK's largest supermarket, one of Dunelm, the other relief under 11 orders, the decision from Yiwu purchasing more than 250 million plastic folding stool. So, Lou Zhi Bridge and along to the Plastics Co., Ltd. in hand, smooth Yiwu manufacturing folding stool to the UK market.
  Yiwu market, growing prosperity, a number of inexpensive products manufactured folding stool in Yiwu enterprises has increasingly welcomed by the British, the British supermarket Dunelm relevant person in charge said that they intend to long-term cooperation with the Yiwu enterprises and businesses, these orders will continue to do this year in November.

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