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My Eight Years in Yiwu

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2011-05-28

In 2003, the 26-year-old Kurata Masahiko chad been assigned to do the purchasing business in Yiwu. From then on, Kurata has been stayed in Yiwu for 8 years. Form 26 to 34, the best part of Kurata's life has been spent in Yiwu; from a premature young man to a promising businessman, he cultivated in Yiwu and had a good harvest here.
In 2003: coming to Yiwu a Plain City Kurata's hometown was Jinggang County in Japan, there he spent his childhood and youth. The beautiful and rich Jinggang County had Fuji Mount, Hakone, and Izu as its great interests. "I signed for 3 courses in Guoxue College in Tokyo's Shibuya district, and finally I had been accepted for the major of literature in the Chinese department.
"The modest Kurata said, with a sheepish smile.
After graduation, Kurata successfully got into a Foreign Trade Company, and because his fluent Chinese, Kurata was sent to China to do the purchasing. "My first destination
is Guangzhou, but soon I found out that the price of goods in Guangzhou was too high. After several comparisons, I went to Yiwu, people saying the goods' price there was very competitive."
In 2003, Kurata went to Yiwu for the 1st time. "This is a especially plain city, with kind people and cheap goods in the mart." Kurata said that it was the plain and alive
folk custom which attracted him to stay here. Of course, he was attracted by a pretty and gentle girl in Lanxi.
In 2007: The Company Withdrew the Business, but Kurata Decided to Stay Here Thanks to his fluent Chinese, Kurata was accustomed to the local life in Yiwu soon. Purchasing goods in Yiwu and sent them to Japan - Kurata spent 4 years in Yiwu like this. "I went back to Japan once or twice in a year during the 4 years, it seems I like Yiwu much more."
In 2007, The Foreign Trade Company in Japan made a decision to withdraw the agent in Yiwu, which meant that Kurata was fired. "I've been apart from Japan for such a long time that it's impossible for me to find a job in my count r y . " Besides, the familiar business circle in Yiwu, the Japanese clients he developed in such a long time, and the pretty and gentle girl, kept Kurata staying in Yiwu. "I used to do the purchasing for the company, now I'm the boss, the feeling is totally different." Kurata said that he devoted his energy to his own "Marumasa Co., LTD" business.
In 2008: Married with Beloved Chinese Girl, and the Company went Smoothly "The 'Marumasa Co., LTD' took the jewelry as his main foreign trade business, including the giveaways like bracelets, mobile phone chains in the Ramen Restaurants in Japan. I made great efforts to gain these ramen restaurants as my clients!"
Kurata also said that the beginning part was always difficult, because lots of jewelries he purchased in Yiwu mart could not pass the environment test Japan set for the imported goods.
Although Kurata still inspect every single of his goods, he confessed that the qualities of Yiwu goods were increasing every year. "In 2008, the out rate could be 30% in a single order, but I found out last year that the passing rate of every order can be 99%, it is amazing!"
"It is famous that the Japanese clients have extremely strict demands to the qualities of goods." Laughed Kurata. He said that he always broke up with his manufacturers when negotiating with them."
I was young that time and the dispute always happened. Now I will state myself ahead of time, and negotiate before placing trades."
The business of "Marumasa Co., LTD" was thriving, and Kurata also married his beloved Chinese girl in Yiwu.
"Comparing with my contemporaries in Japan, I gained more monthly income. Besides, the life in Yiwu is fresh and free, I have less pressure than them . " Kurata signed w i t h
emotion that i f he did not make the decision "staying in Yiwu", his life could be totally different.
In 2011: Experiencing the Big Earthquake, and Felt the Chinese Affection When mentioned of the big earthquake, Kurata got serious. "I happen to be in Japan when the earthquake burst out. I was driving that time." Japan is an earthquake-prone country, so Japanese trained well in the earthquake drill. "Japan didn't sink into chaos.
Even in the nuclear disaster area, my fellows showed their self-poise." But Kurata said the relationship between family and friend, between the neighbour was kind of detached in Japan. In China, he was moved by the frequent connections between his Chinese wife and her family. "
Influenced by my wife, I feel the strength of family and miss my family much more than before."
As for the 2011's Yiwu, Kurata said like this:" Nowadays the development of cities are more alike, the exotic features are vanishing slowly. Yiwu grows fast, from a plain city to a highly-commence city; while as for me, at the same time of developing, Yiwu should keep some local features."

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