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Yiwu seizes the first female drunk driving

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2011-05-30

At zero hour of May26, two cars had end collision at bridgehead of Yiwu Binwang bridge. This accident was not serious and only some paint was wiped. They planned to settle in private. But the other one smelled the fumes of wine on woman driver who caused trouble. He refused to settle in private and chose to call the police.
  After "punishment for drunk driving" was put into effect since May1,its effect is obvious.The number of "Drunk driving " seized by traffic police department has decreased dramatically.They often come back empty-handed.
It is a good thing suggesting that most people do not drive after drinking. But some individuals have fluke minds. They think having a little drink is fine or they drive after drinking late at night when they will not run into traffic polices.
We should think highly of the other two drivers in this accident. Firstly ,they do not have drunk driving. Secondly, when they meet female drunk driver, they don't have compassion for womanhood and are not afraid of trouble to choose call police.

  Putting an end to drunk driving can not only depend on traffic polices' check on road but also on self-discipline and common supervision of all society.if everyone is supervisor and brave to correct error, we can refine our traffic environment totally and guarantee driving safety uttermostly.

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