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The province's processing work conference held in Yiwu

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author:       Date: 2008-09-30

This morning, the province's processing work conference held in the city, Mao Linsheng, vice governor, Huang Jinhua Municipal Committee, deputy secretary of the tide in our city and what the leadership of the United States and China, Ming Chun Fu, also attended the meeting.

Mao Linsheng at the meeting pointed out that the development of processing industry is an effective channel to help low-income households; is guiding farmers to start an important carrier; economic transformation and upgrading of the inherent requirements; is to build a harmonious society in rural areas of effective measures; governments at all levels must Economic development and social progress to a high degree of awareness of the importance of the development of processing industry, in order to speed up the development of processing industry to provide more convenience for our province to promote economic stability and increase the peasants and rapid economic development and make new contributions.

The meeting also commended the province to carry out the processing of outstanding brokers and companies on behalf of the poor, heard a Yiwu, Lishui City, Qingyuan County, the city of Quzhou County, and other urban areas on the work of processing a typical statement.

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