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the appearance of transformation is internal pressure

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2011-09-27

Owners of private enterprises in Wenzhou on foot after another, the Pearl River Delta companies out of business, there are signs that small and medium enterprises survive difficult, stressful. A micro-entrepreneurs in Yiwu, Bo said: Objectively speaking, small and medium enterprises survive the pressure really big, because the raw materials to enhance the surface, resulting in tighter labor and capital increase, but I still think that this is only appearance, is the industry's deep-seated problems and shuffle the need for industrial restructuring, look at all the way through the industry developed trajectory, we can see that the moment has come to China is not the time for non-GM, which is why the state still do not hurry the reason why. Environmental factors, resource bottlenecks, where students die!

     @ Ge AAA: is the transformation and upgrading, or contraction of waiting, this is a need for in-depth thought. China's economy was still young, Chinese enterprises still young, we do not have the template, only to explore.

     @ Double Tong straw: the survival pressures encourage enterprises to make the transition, thus boosting the industrial structure adjustment, improve the economic structure, which is a necessary way forward, in this way, not with changes in business environment can only be a dead end.

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