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YWICF belongs not lnly to China but to the world

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2007-11-11

In the course of the past 13 years, Yiwu International Commodities Fair(YWICF) has gone through the stage of development from birth to toddling and from childhood to maturity. In other owrds, it has experienced the process of creating out of nothing then growing up vigorously.
Statistics show that duiring the 5 days of 2007 YWICF, there have been 110,156 professional purchasers attending the Fair, including 85 overseas purchasing groups and 17,011 foreign traders from 172 countries and regions. Over 60% of them are from developed sountries in Europe and America. The export-oriented extent of YWICF has been wider and wider with the increasing reputation of Yiwu market. It is recorded that, in 2002, there were 61,000 professional buyers, with 5,668 foreigh purchasers from 105 sountries and regions. In 2006, the number of professional buyers increased to 103,000, with 16,056 foreign purchasers from 162 countries and regions. Obviously, 2007 YWICF hits a new record with regard to the number of professional purchasers from home and abroad.
According to statistical data, the turnover of the five-day 2007 YWICF increases to 10.89 billion Yuan, a rise of 15.3% compared to that of last YWICF; and the total sum exceeds 10 billion Yuan for the first time. Purchasers with different skin colors centralize in YIwu, contributing directly to the growth of the volume of forengntrade here, which amounts to US$980 million, equal to 67.6% of the total turnover at 2007 YWICF.
In retrospect, 2002 YWICF only saw 5.1 billion Yuan and US$285 million for its total trade value and export trade value respectively. By 2006, those numbers grew to 9.45 billion Yuan and US$780 million respectively.YWICF has become the third biggest export exhibition at home after the China Exprot Commodities Fair (Canton Fair) and East China Fair. In terms of size, influence and effciency, it has been ranked first among all daily consumer goods exhibitions in China.Meanwhile , the opening of Bid8 American Hall attracts the attention of many business people . It is learned that the Hall will be moved to Yiwu International Trade City after the Fair.
Then ,over 2,000 American products of 7 categories will be displayed there, in cluding food , beverages, baby necessities, automobile supplies, and household cleaning articles.

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