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Further development achieved in 2007 Yiwu Fair Part 2

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2008-01-15

The specialization of the exhibition became more and more outstanding,  for it strengthened the role as an exhibition and trade platform for daily consumable enterprises. In this fair,over 90% of the exhibitors were daily consumable producers, and the number of professional spectators increased by 6.7%. Besides, the phenomena of source procurement became more distinct, because more purchasing groups(85 in total) came to buy products in succession, including those from over ten multinational retail groups like Carrefour, Metro, Lotus, and Auchan. Moreover, many supporting activities promoted the specialization of the exhibition, such as Yiwu-China Small Commodity Index and Market Function Innovation, and EU-Yiwu Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference & Yiwu Investment Environment Introduction Meeting. Furthermore, with invitation letteers or cards, the foreign businessmen can directly apply for business visa in our country's embassies and cousulates abroad.
The exhibition opened the official WAP website to provide the cell phone users with the service of palm Yiwu Fair. It also improved th eservice functions of Online Yiwu Fair and 114 Bestone. In addition, human-centric styles of service could also be observed in the Chinese-English signs, interpretation service, consultation, and transportation.

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