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Further development achieved in 2007 Yiwu Fair

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2008-01-15

2007 China Yiwu International Commodities Fair (Yiwu Fair) achieved 10.89 billion yuan of business volume in the economic and trade exhibition, up 15.3% against that of last year. In that figure, the export trade volume reached 980 million US dollars,67.5% of the total. It is the first time that the total business volume of Yiwu Fair has exceeded 10 billion yuan, which lays a solid foundation for the further internationalization of the city.
So far, 13 sessions of Yiwu Fair have been successfully held. In 2007, the Fair was equipped with 4.500 international standard booths, with 2.560 enterprises and 110,156 professional spectators attending the Fair. Among them, 17,011 were overseas businessmen, a rise of 5.9% over that of last fair. They came from 172 countries in the world, over 60% from developed countries.
The grade of 2007 Yiwu Fair went beyond all of the previous sessions. In this fair, the access conditions for the exhibiting enterprises were greatly tightned, the distribution area of the exhibiting enterprises was much enlarged, and the proportion of the famous exhibiting enterprises distinctly went up. Those 2,560 exhibiting enterprises, which came from 15 countries and regions as well as 27 provinces (municipalities or autonomous regions) at home, were carefully selected from 3,518 candidate enterprises. Over 82% of the exhibiting enterprises possessed own trademarks, and the famous brands on or over the prefecture level increased by 10.6%.
During the exhibition period of 2007 Yiwu Fair,58,000 business booths in Yiwu Market and 4,500 exhibition booths were opened to all the visitors. Businessmen from South Korea, Indian ,U.S.,Japan, and Pakistan comprised the body of he foreign exhibitors in 2007 Yiwu Fair. And dealers specializing in handicrafts, sports & office supplies, household products, electric applicances, and hardware enjoyed a special boom in their business, frequently receiving orders of millions of yuan.

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