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African merchants promote colour jewel in Yiwu

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2011-05-22

The dealer of Tanzania hall in African import commodity hall of Yiwu international Trade City introduced,"  Colour jewel has a small sales volume at home. This is greatly related to consumers' concept.They should be guided gradually. This is one reason to promote African colour jewel in Yiwu. The hall sells ruby and sapphire mainly. It also has fashion jewel such as
apyrite, garnet and aquamarine.

The staff of South African Hall told journalist,"Next month, boss may bring a batch of pink diamond and other jewelry to exhibit in Yiwu." Yiwu market has great consumption potential. With the big flow of merchants, this market will help to promote colour jewelry in Yiwu.

  In fact, Yiwu local jewelry shops have colour jewelry business all the time. But its sales volume is far lower than diamond and jade. Journalist knows from Yiwu Adel Jewelry shop and Nine -hundred -year Jewelry shop that there are objective reasons for few people to enquire ruby and sapphire. For example, colour jewelry with high quality less influences consumption desire. Consumers do not dare to buy colour jewelry because they have few knowledge of colour jewelry.And it has less value-added amplitude than gold and diamond.
The local market has low acceptance degree to colour jewelry. But African merchants come promote colour jewelry at Yiwu one after another. It seems like a contradictory phenomenon. But insiders think the key point is digging consumption potential of colour jewelry.
  The chief adviser of Jin Zhi management consulting organization Chen Zhaohui, who has worked in jewelry industry for ten years, analyses that the function of gold is storing value. The consumption highlight of diamond is symbolizing love and investment. Jade has connotation of Chinese traditional culture. But colour jewelry is lack of selling points and its value can not be accepted in a short time. In foreign countries, the price of colour jewelry with high quality is not lower than diamond. Collectors scramble for it . So if merchants want to increase sales volume of colour jewelry, they should know how to operate next.
Seeing jewelry market of recent years, jade outshines others. The price of variety with high quality has increased by many times. Compared to it , prices of ruby, sapphire and apyrite have only increased by 10% to 20%.

   Fashion jewelry has greater appreciation potential
  According to classification of colour jewelry, traditional ruby, sapphire and emerald are fit for collection and keeping value.But investment capacity is small.We can get this conclusion from recent years' prices of this kind of jewelry.But fashion jewelry such as apyrite,aquamarine, garnet may have better performance on jewelry market. In fact, most investors approve the latter and expect colour jewelry to appreciate.

  The principal of Adel jewelry shop introduces that in the aspect of consumption needs, white(platinum, silver,diamond) and golden(gold) jewelries have taken the major share of market for a long time. Consumers who pursue fashion will take colour jewelry as a new choice according to different clothes and characters.This will increase sales volume of ruby,sapphire and aptrite and increases prices of colour jewelry with high quality.

  Besides, because of the rapid increase of prices of diamond and jade, some common consumers who had purchase idea may change to buy colour jewelry with better cost performance.

  "The international acceptance of colour jewelry will promote its market performance in future."Insiders analyze that Hetian jade and jade are consumed mostly by Chinese and they are not accepted by foreign consumers.But because colour jewelry uses 4C standard of diamond, it flows on international market more conveniently and fast.To be brief, colour jewelry belongs to jewelry consumed globally. If its price increases, its appreciation potential will be more obvious.

The principal of Yiwu Collectors Association introduced that the collection value of colour jewelry is proved at foreign countries. But as to investment, even its price is not high, it is an opportunity to invest in a low tide. Investors who like colour jewelry may well paying attention.

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