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New favorite of market:individualized ornaments

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author:       Date: 2008-09-29

Yiwu Jiaxing Ornaments Shop in the International Trade Mart sells self-produced goods, mainly dealing in Tibetan ornaments like waist chains, necklace, rings ,bracelets ,etc .
Shop owner Miss Zhang says that Tibetan ornaments have become popular with customers in recent years and get fashionable this year, bothathome and abroad, and many countries like US, Turkey and France have been the largest buyers of such products . She also says that 60% of her goods are for export and that a developing trend of this industry is individualized ornaments
in classic or exaggerated styles . With the increasing export volume of the ornaments, foreign markets have improved their restriction on lead and nickel, and the product's techniques in raw material production and processing have been
improved too .
Besides Tibetan ornaments, people are now crazy about Thai silver goods. Some dealers of Yiwu go to Thailand for silver ornaments. In the Yongyin Ornaments Shop in the International Trade Mart, Thai ornaments take up most of the places .The owner says that these goods are sold to both domestic and world markets .
It is introduced that many of the Thai goods are embedded with accessories like marcasite, natural agate and kallaite . These goods are of top quality and sell at high prices, and the most expensive one is RMB 800 yuan for wholesale. Many shopping
malls in large cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan come to Yiwu for good ornaments, and they sell at almost double prices and retailers also can get profits by dealing in these goods. They all hold that the better the goods are, the more the profits will be and believe that a favorable market can always be expected.

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