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Wenweipo of Hongkong to share Yiwu business news

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2007-11-25

November 13 saw formal publication of Yiwu Business News page of HongKong Wenweipo, which came into being with the effort of International Communication Office of CPC Yiwu Municipal Committee(Press Office of Yiwu Municipal Government), Yiwu Business News and Hong Kong Wenweipo.
Wu Weirong, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Jinhua Municipal Committee, secretary of CPC Yiwu Municipal Committee, and He Meihua, Vice president of CPPIC Jinhua Municipal Committee, vice secretary of  CPC Yiwu Municipal Committee, acting mayor of CPC Yiwu Municipal government sent their congratulations to the press.
Growing up with this international trade city as well as the world's largest market, Yiwu Business News is becoming more and more influential around the country especially on peripheral cities. The publication of Yiwu Business News page of Hong Kong Wenweipo is a key step to realize "leapfrog development" of the newspaper.
Hong Kong Wenweipo is a comprehensive leading newspaper for Hong Kong society. The readers of Wenweipo are HongKong elites in general . Currently, Wenweipo publishes 60 pages in Hong Kong each day. Apart from that, the newspager will be distributed to China's mainland, and publish 9 different overseas editions in Southeast Asian countries and North America. The daily circulation reaches 400,000. Yiwu Business News page of Hong Kong Wenweipo will take on a color page each month and be distributed to the whole world with Hong Kong Wenweipo. The columns include Commodity World, Commodity Index, Credit Market, Exhibition Information, Business Civilization, Yiwu People and Watch Yiwu with Third Eye. It will focus on the report of business and trade between Yiwu and HongKong.

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