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Year-end gifts enjoy fast sales during Christmas season in Yiwu market

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author:       Date: 2009-11-30

The heated gift market at the end of the year is against the cold weather . Recently the rush hour of domestic sales has come to the so-called world supermarket in Yiwu,Zhejiang . With the approaching of Christmas and New Year festivals, the arts and crafts zone of the first district of the International Trade Mart is decorated with lanterns and colored ribbons . Various festival decorations such as gifts, colored ribbons and artificial wreaths create happy festival atmosphere in advance .
The gift market plays the lead at the end of the year in November. The journalists see brand new Christmas stickers, fireworks and colored paper salute are on conspicuous display for business and many purchasers as well for their favorite commodities . It is learned from a businessman in the festival commodities zone in the first district of the Inter national Trade Mart that some festival commodities sell well in China with the drawing of Christmas and New Year festivals such as various Christmas gifts, colored ribbons, and artificial wreath.“Most of my customers are from Chengdu, Xi’ an and Changsha” Mr . Gao, a colored paper salute businessman, said, “since many people get married in the latter half of the year the domestic orders of salute rise .”
The commodities in the Christmas gifts street are sold nationwide from the second district of Futian Market. “Since the beginning of October the domestic sales of Christmas gifts have increased and the sales this year is better than that of last year” said the person in charge of Yiwu Hangtian Arts and Crafts Co ., Ltd . 30 orders were made at most in a single day and the new products are to the taste of the purchasers . “3, 000 categories of commodities are available in the shop . Most clients are regular customers and they always choose the new ones .”
It is learned from Chen Jinlin, the general secretary of Yiwu Christmas Goods Industry Association that a great number of enterprises in the association have growing sales like the Hangtian ArtsandCraftsCo., Ltd . “The sales this year is not less than that of last year and some enterprises employ hour workers to work overtime .” Chen said that the rising sales under present economic climate contribute to both the regular customers and the market exploration by innovation.
“The Christmas gifts in Yiwu have been originally mainly sold in China so we seize certain market shares at home . Besides, we should improve goods quality, lower cost and update design by innovation. And the new products development plays a key role in the Christmas enterprises in Yiwu this year .” Following the market , the Christmas enterprises in Yiwu take action as well with the background of International Trade Mart . “We plan to apply for four industry standards so that the commodities could be standardized and have healthy and long development .”
The electrical Santa Claus toy is sold well .

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