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Yiwu's second-hand house prices is too high as to no market

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2011-10-15

under the pressure of increased interest rates increased, limited purchase, limited credit policy, Yiwu new home market is in the doldrums, how about the second-hand housing market? Recently, reporters from Yiwu real estate management office learned that in September, Yiwu has 155 second-hand housing transactions, the transaction area is 71,300 square meters, the lowest in nearly two years, less than last year transaction size of 1 / 3. Reporters visited Yiwu second-hand housing market, many real estate agents have indicated that the current market is deserted, the property market this year is hard to achieve "Silver October".

Decline in volume, "Golden September" freeze

   In National Day holiday, to find a suitable second-hand house, the guy from Zhengzhou Wang Hongwei with his girlfriend visited almost all the real estate agent in Yiwu. "Yiwu second-hand house prices higher than I imagined, the common one needs 17,000 yuan  per square meter or so, the good one needs 20.000 yuan, and some houses even catch up with new house prices, loans are harder now, it is difficult to buy second-hand housing units in Yiwu. "

    Reporters visited Yiwu second-hand housing market, found that not many people critically, some intermediate owners watch stock market, some employee play the cards, and even some agency simply did not work. An agency official told reporters that this year, Yiwu, second-hand "Golden September" market is very cold, telephone inquiries, into the store asking customers are few, very few volume. "By the influence of policies, second-hand housing market is not optimistic. The volume of this year has not up, originally we rely on September to increased volume, what out of expectations is the deal in September only two." Mr. Li, another agency official said.

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