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Yiwu,a toy companies holding European and American GREEN CARD

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2011-10-13

 From Yiwu City about 15 minutes by car to the Shang Xi toy base, “Mei Shi Li”, mainly run types of inflatable toys, "is here.

     Into the plant, first to see every corner of the yard is covered with piles of raw materials. "This year is a good year, we must prepare more material, it is environmentally friendly." The charger of "Mei Shi Li" Toy said.
     It is reported that from September to December each year, the season for the toy industry, customers are now order products and sell next year. Reporters learn from some toy merchant in Yiwu International Trade City that by the European debt crisis and other factors, our business is not very well, foreign orders has now declined. The most convincing is the price of raw materials, PVC prices in September in previous years, only to go uphill, this year from 13,000 yuan / ton slid to 12,400 yuan / ton.

     However, "Mei Shi Li" toys do not exist above.

     Two days ago, as the chairman, Wang Youde talk with his wife in charge of sales, "The new orders cannot be accepted." The reason is simple, the company's foreign trade orders scheduled to June next year, we cannot delivery goods if we accept more orders.

     He also revealed that this time the orders increase, the largest contribution is U.S. market, an increase nearly 3-fold.

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