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2008"Forest Fair"catch"Yiwu Fair"Express

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2008-07-19

Yiwu Exhibition Adds "recruits": 2008 China Yiwu (International) the first forest products Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Forest Fair") will be on October 31 to November 2 in Meihu Exhibition Centre. Yesterday morning, the province around the city Forestry Bureau in charge of relevant people and the Secretary-General to meet the provincial Forest Products Association of Yiwu, a total of preparations for the exhibition so.

The first "Forest Fair" organised by the Provincial Forestry Office, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province People's Government and the Forestry Industry Federation of contractors, around the city in Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Forestry and the Forest Products Association in association with. Show default 570 standard booths to groups around the city as a unit, as the host, Yiwu will be separate groups.

According to reports, the main exhibition hall in the Meihu Exhibition Center 4, 5, on the 6th exhibition hall, display products, including bamboo handicrafts, wood toys, bamboo items, bamboo charcoal products, bamboo wood-based panel, bamboo Wooden furniture, bamboo floors, flowers, gardening, forest food, bamboo and other machinery for the 10 categories of forest products and related products. Huaxing pavilion set up to the city, classified move-in, with districts of similar products will focus on display.

Forestry Xing, deputy director of the Office of the most-rong said that the reason will be on show in Yiwu, and in time only with the "Fair" between a week, is to use "Fair" and huge market capacity of radiation, the province will Forest products into the country, to the world. Therefore, he stressed that throughout the forestry sector should actively mobilize area most representative of the enterprises to show, especially high technology content, good brand image, product performance excellent Mingte You products, should firmly seize this platform marketing.To enable enterprises to better display platform, the organizers will also be on the 5th boutique Museum opened a separate stage for enterprises around the "Yaohe" new technologies and new varieties and new equipment, to recommend the best products to domestic and foreign businessmen.

In addition to talks on display, the exhibition will be held during the forestry investment, technology, trade and project signing ceremony, forest products, such as the development of Summit, and named "Forest Fair" famous forest products, to enhance the modernization of Zhejiang forestry, industry and market The level and expand forest products markets.

"Everything is hard in the beginning, we should do to show tangi, the Office of the grades, and into a boutique, the forest products around the best showing to the merchants." Xing said the most-wing, Zhejiang is well-known forest products production and processing base, Social forestry industry output value last year, 137.3 billion yuan, the total import and export trade in forest products over 50 billion dollars. The Yiwu has the world's largest commodity market, there are over 10,000 permanent foreign, through the advantages of this platform can be started forest products exhibition industry.

As Chengban Fang, the Yiwu municipal government has spared no effort, will focus on "Forest Fair," a brand of another professional event. Fluttering in the current situation smoothly, for participating enterprises has reached 419, booth 623. To expand its influence, the Yiwu municipal government of the Convention and Exhibition good resource advantages, through various channels to the province, foreign enterprises breeze, inviting well-known enterprises in and outside exhibitors.At the same time, the Guangzhou trade fair to show such as the marketing campaign, Zhaoyin a group of domestic and foreign buyers, will seek to more than 50,000 trade visitors, of whom 5,000 were foreign visitors over the implementation of investment, technical cooperation, trade and other contract items Around 30.

In addition, the online "Forest Fair" ( was launched early April, ahead of the Internet for communication and product promotion. It is understood, "Forest Fair", in Meihu Exhibition Center will be held in Crystal, the two major professional Gift Show.

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