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Enhance the development of exhibition industry in Yiwu

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2008-07-14

First, the International Fair of the progress made.

Is the exhibitors, professional audience of international trade level continues to increase. Exhibition is organized level of service gradually with international practice, promotional materials, Pavilion logo and instructions to report domestic and foreign merchants such as full service system with the international standard exhibition reunification.

Exhibition city functions is more international, foreign service centres, information centres, security and other work in an orderly, on-line Fair effectiveness significantly.

Second, the Yiwu Fair and an international exhibition of the distance.

Exhibitors is the overall structure is irrational, the proportion of foreign exhibitors are still low. Is outside the developed countries and regions Buyer ratio is not high, European and American countries accounted for only less than one quarter of the traders. The trade exhibition is the scene hard and soft environment, especially outside the temporary venue can not provide quality service facilities.

In the exhibition hall structures, on-site services for international professional services exposes a lower level of the problem. Fair is to promote the internationalization of the intensity and the use of strategy and tactical shortcomings. Fair is the online site of the International Development relatively weak.

Third, the International Fair of the process of thinking and policy recommendations.

Yiwu Fair is to strengthen the international character of the breeze, China Merchants. Fair to promote each should be focused in order to organizations outside the target audience Exhibitors and professional participants, and cultivate new growth points. Step by step in the exhibition focus on regional and international organizations and trade associations to establish exchanges and communication channels, fluttering in the deployment of agents, investment network. Active participation of internationally renowned show, scene study and organizational experience, leveraging a Fair dissemination activities.

The rise of convention and exhibition industry, the promotion of industrial development and upgrading of Yiwu market continued prosperity has made important contributions. Yiwu exhibition industry development, Yiwu is the development of modern service industry, construction, "International Commodity Exhibition Center," the highlight. Yiwu and enhance the development of exhibition industry, we must firmly grasp the China Yiwu International Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Fair") the leading letting go.Only by constantly Fair bigger and stronger, Yiwu Fair Exhibition Industry to become the first brand as the world's commodity producers and buyers to display products, release information, a price the platform of choice, can we truly driven city Exhibition The continuous development of industry.

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