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Undeveloped regions benefiting from Yiwu Fair

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2007-11-06

On October 22, the exhibition area of Coast-mountains Cooperation in the No.8 hall of Yiwu Fair attracted many dealers from home and abroad to negotiate and place orders.It is no doubt that Yiwu Fair has provided a good exhibition and operation platform for the enterprises in the mountainous regions.According to statistics, in last two years,Yiwu paid about 5 billion yuan annually only for the raw materal processing on Yiwu's demands, bringing along over one million farmers into the processing labor.In the past five years, Yiwu has exported over 200 joint projects to the neighboring sounties and cities and paid billions of yuan in total.
In promoting Coast-mountains Cooperation,Yiwu spares no efforts in integrating the regional economy, exploiting the local advantages of neighboring places for mutual benefits,and boosting the harmonious development under the guidance of "resource sharing,cooperative industry construction,and common development".For example, Lanxi makes full use of the platform of Yiwu international market and accelerates its local industries' steps of joining Yiwu industries.It focuses on the introduction of projects beneficial to the development of its own textile industry,and has built up a textile industry cluster consisting of weaving, dying and tailoring. Besides,the new-type pringted wrapping products,deeply=processed rubber-plastic products and fine chemical products in new fields have developed into locally advantageous industries in connection with Yiwu market.In Lanxi,a foreign trade specialty park has been set up to function as a highway for the connection of local products with Yiwu market.
With over ten years of fostering and development,Yiwu International Commodities Fair has established itself as one of the most well-known and influential exhibitions in China.Yiwu takes advantage of Yiwu Fair,and actively engages in providing a platform for the business negotiation and product exhibition of enterprises from less developed regions.In every recent year,there are over 100 enterprises from the neighboring less developed regions that come to exhibit their products in the special exhibition cover more than 10 industries,including daily supplies,handicrafts and gifts,sports and recreational supplies,hardware & electric appliances,leather bags and suitcases, knit articles,cosmetics,toys,and electronic goods.

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