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What is new about the 2007 Yiwu Fair

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Yama      Date: 2007-11-07

The 2007 China Yiwu International Commodities Fair held from October 22to 26 was a traditional expo that was new in such aspects:
New scale: number of exhibitors doubled in six years.
Relying on the biggest golbal commodity market,the Fair has been successfully held 13 times since 1995.According to statistics,both the number of enterprises taking part in the Yiwu Fair and that of standard exhibition booths have increased a lot,respectively from 1026 and 1500 in 2002 to 2565 and 4500 in 2007 in six years. Meanwhile, the proportion of famous enterprises taking part in the Yiwu Fair has been increasing yearly.The streams of visitors and traders in the exhibition hall of 2007 Yiwu Fair make one easily feel the charm of the largest fair of daily consumables in China which is also the most influential and efficient.
According to the statistics from the Investment and Exhibition Department of 2007 Yiwu Fair,there were 3518 domestic and oversea enterprises registered for 2007 Yiwu Fair and they applied for 5803 exhibition booths, both increasing by 26% compared with previous year.
New stage:new products seen everywhere in Yiwu Fair.
Wandering in each exhibition hall of 2007 Yiwu Fair,visitors could find everything new:new exhibition booths with new designs,new traders for new business talks ,new products displayed on new stage,all embodying the new theme of the fair,that is "ever-improving Quality" and "Development Based on Innovation".
The products were displayed in 12 divesions like stationery,sports and leisure equipment,toys,hosiery,cosmetics,hardware,electronics,leather goods and bags,decoration and accessory,arts and crafts,house hold products,internet and information products.
Apart from the daily exhibition and trading ,2007 Yiwu Fair also arranged for the activities like EU and Yiwu Business and Trading Cooperation Exchange and purchasing meeting of international enterprises to build a new bridge for the enterprises taking part in the Yiwu Fair to the international market.
New business opportunities:more dealings between exhibitors and purchasers.
Right after the opening ceremony of 2007 Yiwu Fair held on the morning of  October 22,the exhibition halls became a place of business talks where exhibitors metpurchasers they had looked forward to seeing.
Examining samples,negotiating, ordering... all exhibition halls of 2007 Yiwu Fair were filled with busy atmosphere.
According to the feedback of traders,it is predicted that more than 110,000 professional visitors from over 130 countries and regions came to the Yiwu Fair,including more than 17,000 visitors from overseas.Besides,overseas trading organizations of over 80 members,including 10 international retail groups visited the Fair.
In the International Premium Products Hall, Shao Baoling,executive director of Zhejiang Julong Cases & Bags Co.,Ltd.said that his company brought more than one hundred new products.Experienced in exhibition at Yiwu Fair, he expected to meet some new clients while keeping in good relations with the old."We hope we can get some international orders this time,"he added.
In fact,business opportunities can not only be found during the Yiwu Fair.The various markets themselves are making the biggest commodity exhibition in the world,where there are endless chances for good dealings.The 58000 stores in of the Yiwu Fair form a larger exhibition that displays more than 400,000 commodities.

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