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2007 Yiwu Fair:a mature fair with young blood

Source:     Author:       Date: 2007-11-05

Two years ago when Yiwu Fair was 10 years old,some people said that the Fair had grown up,and when Yiwu Fair is 12 years old, some say it is mature.Indeed,every detail of the 2007Yiwu Fair showed its Charm of maturity.
2007 Yiwu Fair had its maturity and calmness,but we were attracted by another kind of force on the opening day.That is the you exhibitors which are the rising strength of the mature exhibition.
Here and there in the exhibition hall,it was the young people who were busy arranging exhibits.When the opening ceremony was being held,the large square was a plaza of youngsters,a world of fashion.It was the young people who were hasty bringing laptops and portable computers,it was the young people who carried the fashionable mobile phones and spoke in a quick and concise style,and it was also the young bosses who lectured their younger subordinates.The florid and fashionable dressing and hurrying footsteps all showed that the mature Yiwu Fair is becoming a stage of youn people.
Mr.Wang,a young exhibitor from Jiangsu Province working in the TrueLove woolen spinning exhibition booth,is just 24 years old,but he has special view of the 2007 Yiwu Fair.He says,"I came last year and I come this year too.What most attracts me is that this exhibition is professional:the audience are professional and have high capability,and purchaser quality is very striking."
The 13year-ol Yiwu Fair is grown up and mature.It is a mature fair of the young generation,and guided by the young generation.Believe it or not,with the dynamic of the young blood,this mature fair will always remain fresh and advanced,which is a major concern of the fair.

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