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7258,the Number of the First Quarter of the City's New Domestic Market Players

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-04-20

According to City Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Statistics, the first quarter of this year, the city's total new set all kinds of domestic-funded economic main body 7258, an increase of 2.6 percent over the same period last year; the end of March, the city's real-funded economy the main 166 624, up 8.31 percent year on year.
  Among them, the wholesale and retail trade as the largest in the services sector of the city's pillar industries, the current momentum is maintained. Distribution, the first quarter of the new domestic economic entities, the economic entities of wholesale and retail trade still accounts for the majority of the new 5158, accounting for 71.1 percent of all new set of economic agents from the industry.
  As a new type of wholesale and retail shop business e-commerce model, due to its low threshold, less investment, easy to operate, continue to be the entrepreneurs of all ages. With the City, the Bureau launched a series of policies to promote the development of e-commerce, e-commerce class in our city economic entities rapid growth in the first quarter of this year, 795 new shop business-funded economic entities, 97.7661 million yuan of registered capital (DRC) an increase of 100.25% and 122.85% respectively over the same period last year. As of the end of March this year, the the Yiwu registration in the register within the run-owned economic entities engaged in the shop a total of 5233, 731 million yuan of registered capital (DRC).
  Economic entities have developed steadily and rapidly growing, which shows the city's business entrepreneurial environment. "The relevant person in charge of Industry and Commerce Bureau, but also should see the individual businesses still accounted for all economic entities in the city was more than proportion of the transformation and upgrading of a huge space. The good news is, within a quarter-funded enterprise accounted for a small proportion of all economic entities increased by 1.26 percentage points and the trend of the transition has been revealed.
  The analysis pointed out that a huge number of economic entities in our city, and the urgent need of funds to promote the development of industry, investment and financing. The first quarter of this year, the city's investment and financing body steady growth, new investment, 22 investment management companies, 171 million yuan of registered capital (gold); a new guarantee company, the registered capital of 30 million yuan, the new micro-loan companies home, the registered capital of 400 million yuan. City Industrial and Commercial Bureau to play a positive business functions, expand financing channels for enterprises, the first quarter of this year, equity pledge for a total of four companies, 6 out of 85.18 million yuan of the quality of equity (shares), the amount of financing of 129 million yuan; a total of 27 companies handle the chattel mortgage contract registration of 28, the total amount of the loan contracts of 824 million yuan.
  Since November last year, the City, the Bureau has opened in the crown "Zhejiang" and "Jinhua" corporate name of the train, which greatly facilitates the enterprises to handle these types of corporate name, business transformation and upgrading. As of the end of March this year, the Trade and Industry Bureau 117 enterprises for the crown "of Zhejiang Enterprise Name Registration; has also successfully handled the two crown Jinhua Enterprise Name Registration.
  In order to boost local economic development, the Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau of summing up the past to carry out on the basis of the green channel of work experience from last year continue to improve the working mechanism of the green channel, so that normalization, perfect the service of state-owned collective enterprises to focus on , enterprise restructuring, intended to listed companies, farmers' professional cooperatives and other rural "economic entities, Yiwu headquarters economic development enterprises. Since this year, the Registration Branch of Industry and Commerce Bureau has dozens of business units to provide services, have achieved good social effects.

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