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How to set a resident representative office of foreign enterprises

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-04-21

Lee Gang, the executive of a registered Hong Kong company, sent an inquiry letter to our mailbox on April 16 to ask aout the establishment and registration for Resident Representative Office of Foreign (regional) Enterprises.
The following is the relevant information:If you, as a foreigner, want to establish and register for a Resident Representative Office of Foreign (regional) Enterprises, you should head for the 1st floor of Yiwu International Trade Service Center on No. 279, Jiangbin Bei Lu. No. 13-18 windows are available for this application.
Application materials include:
 1 ."Establishment Registration Application for Resident Representative Office of Foreign (regional) Enterprises"signed by the authorized person of the foreign (regional) enterprise;
 2 . The domicile certificate of the foreign (regional) enterprise and the principal qualification certificate or other relevant business evidences issued by the relevant departments of the country or the region where the affiliated foreign (regional) enterprise is located to show its existence for 2 or more years;
3 . The articles of association or the organization agreement of foreign (regional) enterprise;
4 .The authoritarian or the documentary evidences issued by foreign (regional) enterprise for the authorized signatory;
5 . The appointment document of foreign (regional) enterprise for chief representative or representative, as well as the personal identity certificate;
6 . The original of the banking certificate issued by the financial institution that has business contacts with the foreign (regional) enterprise;
7 . Personal resume of the chief representative and representative;
8 . Legal use certificate of the representative office for the resident place;
9 . Original of national security matter examination & approval certificate;
10 . Approval documents of approving authority;
11 . Other relevant documents and certificates.
What you should keep in mind is: submitted copies of the above-mentioned documents should be sealed officially or signed by an authorized agent; if the above-mentioned documents and certificates are written in foreign languages, you should as well submit the translation copies sealed by the translation company; the establishment and registration for Resident Representative Offices of Foreign (regional) Enterprises should publicly be announced on the assigned media.

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