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Yiwu Launch Foreign Company Service Month Activitiy

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-05-11

Yesterday morning, the foreign trade policy of the Foreign Trade Enterprise Service Month and provincial departments concerned, the theme of "grasping orders, excellent environment, steady foreign demand preach consulting activities, was officially launched in the city. Commerce Department Director Jin Yonghui, deputy director Chen such as Fang Huang Zhiping, party secretary, attended the launching ceremony.
  This year is the foreign trade situation of severe and complicated one, the lack of external demand, export growth fell. In order to effectively help the province's foreign trade enterprises to actively respond to the challenges of the times of financial crisis, further improve the province's foreign trade development environment, and ensure the completion of this year's foreign trade goals and tasks, the Department of Commerce decided to carry out foreign trade enterprises in the province-wide in May Month of Service activities, foreign trade enterprises solve their practical difficulties, to create a favorable environment for development, to achieve steady growth of foreign trade. Service activities during the period of the foreign trade enterprises, in addition to the foreign trade policy propaganda consultation, the city will be combined with the Department of Commerce activities programming arrangements and the development of foreign trade practical to carry out targeted small micro-Helping foreign trade enterprises, foreign trade business training, foreign trade early warning demonstration of legal services to promote foreign trade enterprise transformation and upgrading, speed up the construction of overseas marketing network and a number of special events.
  From the launching ceremony, held a pilot reform mobilization meeting was informed that, since May last year, the provincial government in Yiwu, a grand, comprehensive reform pilot since the start of the three provincial departments of the Department of Commerce, Trade and Industry Bureau, the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision, and OK Hangzhou branches and 10 financial institutions and the city to establish a cooperative to build relationships, the 11 provincial departments of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the introduction of Yiwu, carry out the reform pilot comments and suggestions. Under the coordination of the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, Hangzhou Customs, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Zhejiang Province IRS 5 units selected business backbone attachment to Yiwu to help solve practical problems. They have fully demonstrated the consistent attention and support of the provincial departments, particularly the foreign department in Yiwu, effectively promoted the the Yiwu reform has depth.
  JIN, said Department of Commerce of the United Provinces, Jinhua and Yiwu three foreign department in Yiwu foreign trade policy to preach the consultation activities is an important part of the Department of Commerce Foreign Trade Enterprise Service Month activities, is to implement the provincial Province government service enterprises, services, grassroots "requirements and to change the bureaucracy in the construction of a concrete manifestation, is also an important measure to promote the comprehensive reform of international trade in Yiwu. Make foreign trade monthly service with the Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation current work combining to ensure the effectiveness of the activities. Face to face listening to the comments and suggestions to help enterprises coordinate to solve the problem and strive to promote the Yiwu Foreign Trade and seek progress through the theme.
  Zhi-Ping Huang, Yiwu is in the fully implement the scientific concept of development, further promote the comprehensive reform of international trade, to speed up the construction of two six-city "critical period. Two six city building, there is an urgent need Province, Jinhua City departments, especially the help and support of the foreign sector. Preach the foreign trade policy advisory activities, in particular, is facing new situations and new problems in the export of commodities on the market response to the current complex and volatile domestic and international trade environment, and promote the establishment of new trade market purchases, are a powerful impetus to the and help, will actively promote the goals of development and reform of the Yiwu Foreign Trade.

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