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Bamboo Product is Creative

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-05-09

Fair at the meeting last year, made of bamboo computer keyboard and mouse to the reporter left a deep impression. When the reporter said bamboo can have such a magical effect, while also looking forward to see such innovative products in Yiwu market as soon as possible. The afternoon of May 7, visiting the market, and really let reporters found such a good thing, the shops of the International Trade City in four districts, a sale of bamboo products, two sets of bamboo keyboard and mouse was placed in the most prominent position than Reporter Fair at the meeting to see more refined.
  The shops stocked with various types of bamboo calculators, tissue boxes, fruit bowl, tea box, a small stool, very chic. An obvious feature is that bamboo products have been away from a few years ago a simple kitchen supplies areas, gradually integrated into all aspects of daily life. Business households Chen Jinmin be regarded as inherited his father's, although the previous generation has left a good business base, but the Chen Jinmin not satisfied with the status quo, in his view, there are many things bamboo can be tapped. Generation of the past, our parents only know small profits, but now this concept is outdated, we need innovation. "2008, from Chen Jinmin formally took over the business from the moment the idea of" innovation "has always been in his mind spinning .
  Chen Jinmin store bamboo tissue box alone there are over 30 models, most of his own design. 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, Zhejiang Museum of bamboo gift box to attract the attention of countless people, including Chen Jinmin products. Chen Jinmin intends to concentrate to the direction of bamboo gift packaging. Bamboo products, processes and technology continues to mature, after high temperature treatment, often moldy, moth-eaten situation is no longer a problem, and bamboo gift packaging paper packaging is more elegant, more environmentally friendly. "Said Chen Jinmin, consumers environmental awareness is also largely contributed to the sales of high-grade bamboo products.
  However, Chen Jinmin, bamboo production is not small, but more complex processes and technologies, the production of bamboo products is not much, the price is higher than similar products. "Overall, high-grade bamboo product becomes increasing popular." Said Chen Jinmin, these elegant, high-quality products can gradually be accepted by all.

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