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Yiwu Early Departure to European Sports Event

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-05-05

Hum ancestral in the World Cup in South Africa "steal the show, as the representative of Yiwu sporting goods have attracted worldwide attention. With the 2012 London Olympic Games and European Football Championship approaching, related merchandise exports accelerated. May 2, the reporter learned from Yiwu Customs, the export growth rate of the first three months of Yiwu sports-related supplies and equipment, exports and freight traffic year-on-year increase of 44.1% and 43.1% respectively.
  Yiwu commodity is not the absence of a consensus of world sports events has become the business community, the two international sports events to be held in Europe, naturally close to the "Yiwu. From the beginning of the year, two events related to commodity exports began vigorous. According to Yiwu Customs officer, two events stimulated, flags, football, light sticks and other field supplies, a variety of flag stickers, toys and other goods exports also showed a trend of gradual growth. The data show that in the first quarter of this year, Yiwu by Yiwu Customs export to Europe $ 360 million, an increase of 46%; sports-related supplies and equipment for export growth, total exports of $ 9.46 million export cargo of 08,000 tons, increased by 44.1 % and 43.1%. Mainly football ball supplies total exports of $ 2.48 million year-on-year surge of 84.2 percent.
  Customs supervision in Yiwu International Logistics Center, the reporter saw a variety of sports-related items: wrist, hats, scarves, flags, football ...... dazzling. "In fact, early in the identification process can often see a wide range of sporting goods, export of these goods for the Olympic Games and the European Cup, a lot of businesses are purchasing in advance." Just the end of the inspection Yiwu Customs officer Miao Dan said container exports to Europe a few months before at least one kinds of event-related goods up to a dozen more, some even the whole cabinet is the banner of South Africa before the World Cup. "
  Due to the European debt crisis, Yiwu Commodity exports to the European situation in general is not very optimistic. But this year, the two heavyweight tournament also held in Europe, coupled with the unique advantages of Yiwu, thus jerseys, flags and other sporting goods exports to European countries, a bumper harvest, the performance of eye-catching. Yiwu Customs officer Chen Xiaotian, said: "to the list of Europe, the return of the popular sports supplies, mainly soccer and other ball games, supplies and related sports clothing such as shirts, fans, scarves and so on. Exporting countries are mainly concentrated in Spain, Germany and other good sports atmosphere of European countries. "
  Face of Yiwu Commodity exports to the EU continued to pick up momentum, Yiwu Customs early intervention, the implementation of the tracking service. Exclusive channel for sports-related products export to Europe, specifically start speed for sports-related products export to Europe. Actively carry out information services to guide work on the one hand, open up national advisory part in the portal regularly to update the customs statistics Letters European countries, the export of similar products, specializing in export statistics and analysis for the majority of business operators, and enterprise publishing export dynamic ; the other hand, in the customs hall to open up the priority orders window, set the "green channel" in the logistics center, rapid customs clearance procedures, extended field orders, inspection, release the time of transit and customs operations, on-site solution in the process of customs clearance difficulties and problems encountered in full support of Yiwu small commodities to participate in sports event.

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