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Are foreigners allowed to drive in China

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2012-04-15

"Are foreigners allowed to drive in China? If so, I want to know more information about this. Thank you."
This E-mail our reporter received on April 8 turns out to be a consultation from Charlie, an Indonesian trader who has been in Yiwu for eight months.
The detailed information is as follows:
Foreigners who own an overseas driving license or an International driving license are not allowed to drive in China.
If you, as a foreigner, own the valid overseas driving license issued from your home country, you can get a Chinese driving license by completing these formalities: 1 .You have to make sure that you own all the valid identification: Passport, Resident Permit for Foreigners (it should be issued by Yiwu Exit-Entry Administration) valid for more than three months or Visa valid for more than three months, Temporary Residence Proof issued by the police stations in Yiwu.
2 .Refer to a translation company to translate all the abovementioned relevant certificates and the overseas driving license into Chinese copies (all copies should be sealed).
3 .Head for Yiwu Vehicle Administrative Office to take a certificate photo (a color one with a plain white background, eight prints), and apply to the No.12 window.
4 .Participate in the theoretical examination in Jinhua Driving License Test Center. Upon qualification, you will get the Chinese driving license three days later. (This procedure is suitable for a Class Clicense, namely the automobiles. If you want to get a Class A and Class B license, you have to take the Road Test later. )
If you don't have an overseas driving license, you can go to any qualified driving school in Yiwu city to learn to drive, and then the driving school will organize all the participants to take a series of driving tests in Jinhua.

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