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Charitable donation of 2,000 sneakers

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-05-20

He Nanzhong, a local trader who is engaged in canvas sneakers in District Four of Yiwu International Trade Mart, has donated 2000 pairs of brand-new canvas sneakers to domestic disasterstricken area half a month ago, showing his positive response to the"Long March to Love Supplies "activity led by Yiwu Lanjun Volunteer Club. "Members of Yiwu Lanjun
Volunteer Club were deeply touched when they saw such a large number of brand-new sneakers."Cao Yansong, the leader of Yiwu Lanjun Volunteer Club, stated that it took two trucks to deliver them into their warehouse."300 pairs of these sneakers have been delivered to Lanxi in Zhejiang Province, and the rest will be delivered to Sichuang and Yunnan."Cao said.
Chen Hualin, Development Consultant of Yiwu Lanjun Volunteer Club, told me the story of Mr. He 's charitable donation. "He Nanzhong is my landlord, one day he happened to have a chat with me and said that there were thousands of canvas sneakers in his warehouse to be disposed. I suggested him donating them to domestic disaster-stricken areas.
He kindly agreed to donate all of them." On the bas is of He Nanzhong's behavior, Yiwu Lanjun Volunteer Club and Yiwu Volunteers Association awarded him a red banner with compliments on it."This is what we should do. "He Nanzhong's wife was a little shy when receiving this red banner."We will try our best to do charitable things in the future.
"She indicated.

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