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The leadership of the State Administration of Taxation Research Yiwu pilot

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-06-11

6 to 8 June, the State Administration of Taxation of goods and service tax, deputy director Wang Zhenhua line, the IRS deputy party secretary in Zhejiang Province, Wang Xiaoping, etc., accompanied by the Deputy Secretary to the city survey of international trade reform pilot job. Mayor He Meihua, Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Zhao Guorong, Municipal Committee, vice mayor Chen Yong, accompanied by research or discussion.
  Work research conference held on the 7th, Yiwu City, State Administration of Taxation of comprehensive reform of international trade, Wang Zhenhua detailed listened to the city market purchases of new trade patterns running processes and related tax policy, and with the relevant departments, foreign trade companies, freight forwarding company on behalf of the exchanges and discussions. According to reports, the Yiwu market purchases of new trade patterns, different from the existing general trade and processing trade, specifically refers to the eligible domestic and foreign enterprises and individuals, and procurement of goods in the market identified by the relevant state departments gathering area in the corresponding competent customs or port customs declaration export trade. This trade has the one-way, universality, specific three main features.
  Wang Zhenhua, said the State Administration of Taxation attaches great importance to comprehensive reform pilot of Yiwu International Trade, and according to the spirit of the State Council approved the full support of Yiwu pilot. Wang Zhenhua, said the research group according to the characteristics of Yiwu new trade patterns, as soon as possible to resolve the export market purchases under the new trade goods tax administration issues and to create a favorable tax environment for the continued prosperity of the Yiwu market.
  During the investigation, Wang Zhenhua, a line field trips to the International Trade City area market, the customs declaration hall and the "Yiwu Port".

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