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Accelerate the Construction of International Land Port City

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-06-07

Yesterday, the of Baotuan combination "of the city's first international logistics enterprise - Zhejiang Yiwu logistics Co., Ltd. officially open and operating. This is Yiwu logistics industry resources deep integration, and aims to build Yiwu's first online public booking "platform, the formation of the first major container shipping fleet, Yiwu International Logistics freight advantage and core competitiveness.
  Party Secretary Huang Zhiping sent a congratulatory letter to city leaders Songying Hao, Zhao Guorong, Yen Hsin-Hong, Wang Kuiming etc. attended the inaugural ceremony.
  At present, Yiwu has local logistics enterprises more than 2,000, but most small-scale and weak. This "small, weak, chaotic" model is being more and more challenges, logistics support, the Yiwu market appeared to be inadequate in some respects. The reorganization and joint imperative of the logistics enterprises is imperative.
  In response to the municipal government to build the call of the international land port city to help support of the relevant functional departments of the city, Yiwu, 10 state-level 3A, 4A logistics enterprises initiated and set up jointly by Zhejiang Yiwu logistics Co., Ltd.. The company's total pre-investment 200 million yuan, has operating warehouse area of 40,000 square meters, will achieve an annual throughput of more than 100,000 TEUs to help Yiwu realize build a logistics framework to achieve the target of large-scale development.
  Logistics companies hold together after the break, the first major highlight is the first public booking platform in Yiwu came into being. This platform was designed containers scattered in the various freight forwarding logistics enterprise's integration to form a box volume of Yiwu enterprises to strive for best shipping price, so you can improve Yiwu enterprises in the international logistics market discourse right to the international competitiveness of small commodities, Yiwu will strengthened. In addition, the logistics of justice since the purchase of 200 container truck, the team can pull transport, and thus change the history of its own large fleet in Yiwu.

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