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Yiwu for the First Time Opened the 12315 Consumer Rights Through Line

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2012-05-29

May 25, City of Industry City Consumer Protection Committee, convened by the city's 15 consumer rights service station person in charge of organized consumer rights service stations to promote the opening of on-site meetings-cum-train. The meeting decided to first choose Century Lianhua Supermarket consumer activist service stations and automobile circulation industry association consumer rights to the service station the pilot opened the 12,315 consumer rights through train "for consumer advocates to provide more convenient, fast, efficient, professional service.
  See from the business sector to provide the notice on the pilot 12,315 consumer rights through train "arrangement, according to the process, after the opening of the 12,315 consumer rights through train", Industry and Commerce Bureau 12315 Command Center received a consumer complaint, will be routed directly consumer rights service station, service station, the end to be handled within two working days, and the results fed back to the City of Industry, 12315 command center. Successful mediation of disputes, such as service stations, command centers, complaint mediation timely entry into the province's 12,315 administrative law enforcement system and archiving; fails to mediation success, the command center will be complaints in the normal way to divert to the area industrial and commercial area Trade and Industry shall be end in 3 working days processing and feedback. The "notice" is also clearly defined the scope of consumer complaints through the diversion of the "through train".
  It is understood that since last year's State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "Circular on Further Strengthening the 12315" into the "standardization of the construction of views, the city's business sector, the Consumer Protection Committee in the city's shopping malls, supermarkets, attractions, market, industry associations and other organizations and place the establishment of consumer rights protection service station 15 to provide consumers with a close range, high efficiency, professional rights, the cumulative accept mediation all kinds of complaints over 8900 cases, involving an amount of more than 200 million, effectively safeguarding the legitimate consumer interests.

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