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International Trade Center: Received More Than 1,500 people a Day

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-06-06

Recently, Libyan businessman Ahmad came to the foreign service supermarket of Yiwu International Trade Service Center, and consultation to the staff present in the meaning of investment business. In the original, Ahmad, the chief representative of Libya, a trading company in the justice office, the representative body can not engage in business activities, Ahmad has been the legalization of new forms of investment business. The introduction of the patience of the staff, Ahmad finally decided to apply for the establishment of foreign-invested enterprises.
  International trade service center is a foreign government service, foreign life consulting services, international exchange, and integration of Municipal Public Security Bureau, the seven departments of the human IESS, Bureau of Commerce, foreign Qiaoban, Trade and Industry Bureau, the Civil Aviation Authority, a one-stop foreign various demands of the foreign government service platform. Yiwu pilot is "an important part of the establishment of an international trade service center, to further optimize the city's international trade environment, to meet an important manifestation of foreigners in the meaning of the convenient government services needs. Now, in the international trade service center every day, a Bobo foreign reception come to consult and seek help, such as Ahmad.
  "We have a window and services supermarket model, the implementation of face-to-face service. Foreign company from an entry visa to obtain a business license, rental information to obtain investment business from consulting and translation services to legal aid and other basic services, can here one-stop handle. "The staff said, was officially opened on January 6 this year to the end of May, the international trade service center received a total of 35924 of the wide range of issues, gone through 35832, the average daily do pieces of more than 500 pieces a day reception work more than 1,500 people.
  As the work gradually on the right track international trade service center stationed in units according to their own business characteristics, and constantly optimize service initiatives.
  Industrial and commercial window from March 1, foreign partnership, foreign companies, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan individual industrial and commercial households registered (change) registration fee (city) business license fee costs relief. As of May 21, 194 business entities, reduction of costs associated with relief for the total cost of 55,412 yuan. For the convenience of foreign things, from March 1 to July 31, the annual inspection of the business of the City of Industry, Bureau of the original for the industry and commerce in the area of the resident representative office of foreign enterprises to focus international trade service center of industrial and commercial window handle. As of May 21, 399 foreign enterprises resident representative office do the inspection procedures in the industrial and commercial window 
Foreign service supermarket in the business-related services on the basis of foreign investment in services for foreign and international trade advisory services, foreign-related legal services and dispute resolution and complaints, but also for foreign investors, including schooling, medical care, tourism, housing rental, air ticket , including a foreign life information consulting services. Not long ago, Safwat from Egypt, the merchants came rushing into the foreign service supermarket, consulting Yiwu which hospital reception of foreign mothers. Original, Safwat's wife about to give birth, to know the details, the staff side to appease Safwat side of the phone consultation Health Bureau, and ultimately help me to arrange Safwat's wife was admitted to the hospital.
  In addition, in order to facilitate good communication between the government and foreign enterprises and foreign investors, foreign and foreign, international trade service center dedicated to open up international exchange area through the foreign language reading room, training room, exchange of information display area, the foreign guests reception room and foreign exchange show Hall and other platforms, in a timely manner to promote government policies and regulations, publish corporate investment and trade information, to understand the meaning of foreign demand.

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