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Own Brand Overseas Extension of the Market

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-05-16

Yesterday morning, Mr. Chen came to the business of electronic products in the International Trade City, the City Council for the Promotion of International Trade, talking about his recent encounter troubles.
  Mr. Chen sales of electronic products of good quality, in addition to domestic sales, are mainly exported to Europe and the United States. As the business gradually bigger, plus the past two years, a variety of production costs increasing, profit margins reduced He is increasingly aware of the importance of its own brand in the foreign trade.
  "If my own brand in a foreign country has a certain reputation, not only to attract foreign merchants purchasing, profits can be improved." Mr. Chen began consciously to the buyers own years ago, the English trademark registered in the country. After a period of promotion, the English trademark has been recognized by some merchants. In order to consolidate the promotion of achievements, Mr. Chen decided to apply for registration of overseas English trademark in Germany, but did not think that this overseas English trademark has been registered, He was very passive.
  The staff of the City Council for the Promotion of International Trade, which is very typical trademark was registered by the examples in foreign countries. It is understood from OEM production to their own brands, the brand awareness of the city's main business is growing, while the trademark is the basis of brand enterprises to settle down, but the registered Chinese trademark in a foreign country intensified, not only to enable enterprises to market visibility and accumulated over the years affected, independent brand market development plan has been disrupted.
  City Council for the Promotion of International Trade staff to remind households and foreign trade enterprises have long-term planning of its own brand exports, foreign trademarks should be registered as soon as possible, not only to safeguard their own market interests, the need to prevent competitors registered for the operation of The brand needs of the strategic reserve. Of course, business operators, or the foreign trade enterprises, the event registered or right to dispute, to actively safeguard their rights, that you rather not give up. The same time, the intellectual property rights institutions should be entrusted to professional rights, which will help companies to reduce the cost of unnecessary process rights.
  In addition, due to the regional characteristics of the intellectual property, registered with overseas corresponding to the intellectual property system of each country will vary. Once the obstacles encountered during the registration process, households and enterprises need to make preparations to deal with particular attention to Europe and the United States is relatively complex legal procedures and high rights costs.

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