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Industrial and Commercial Department Discovered Sporting Goods trademark infring

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-05-18

2012 European Football Championship will be held June 8 kicked off, when the countries fans in turn set off a new round of football fever, sporting goods and stimulate consumer demand.
  This reporter learned that all size businesses in Yiwu early smell of this rare market opportunity, all kinds of sporting goods on the European Cup came into being, but there are some unscrupulous merchants take advantage of this opportunity, manufacture and sale of trademark infringement, sporting goods, disrupt market order. Recently, the City Administration of Industry and trademark infringement cases in the sporting goods seized.
  May 9th, the City Industrial and Commercial Bureau Brigade received a report to the International Trade City three H Area Booth checks found at the scene marked with "ADIDAS" 280 sets of logo sportswear suit, the parties can not provide the enabling instrument. Law enforcement officers immediately instructed the alleged trademark infringement ball for 4650 sets involved in the trademark "ADIDAS", "UMBRO", "NIKE", "KAPPA", "BURRDA" and other well-known sporting goods brands, in Yiting Gan farm Tamura warehouse found . The preliminary statistics, the case was a huge amount of illegal business, and institutions to criminal prosecution standards. May 11, law enforcement officers will be referred the case to the public security organs for further investigation.
  Similarly, the meaning of North Branch Trade and Industry in check Suxi sporting goods manufacturers, printed with the words "ACM" (AC Milan), "the FCB (Barcelona), CHELSEA (Chelsea) Soccer 3140 the parties can not provide a legal and valid license material, law enforcement officers immediately batch of football seizure treatment. Beiyuan Business Office seized "Umbro" logo trademark infringement football 1000 pieces and found that the distribution of the facts of infringement of football parties in Alibaba.
  The business sector to remind the arrival of the European Cup for business operators to provide new business opportunities, business operators must not lose awareness of intellectual property rights. Without the trademark owner's authorization, non-Feel free to add others in the sporting goods registered trademark.

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