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Textiles Industry New Standard is taking effect

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-07-07

The new version of the National Textile Product General Safety Technical Code would come into effect next month. In accordance with the provisions of the infant clothing under the age of 3 should be a Class A standard, otherwise it will prohibit the production, sale and import. Yesterday, the reporter found in the visited Huangyuan clothing market in the sale of infant clothing is still a non-standard products. Clearly, the infant sales business in Yiwu also need to accelerate the progress of inventory liquidation.

Infant clothing further strict

  Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau to provide a new version of the national textile products basic safety technical specification "interpretation of the material that the new regulatory coverage, related to toxic and hazardous substances control more stringent, such as biodegradable carcinogenic aromatic amines list for the first time 4 - the aminoazobenzene include, but by the highest degree of concern or on infant clothing products defined adjustment.
  The past, infant clothing refers to infants and children age 24 and below infants and young children wearing or use of textile products are generally applicable to a height 80 cm. The range of "infant" in the new regulations significantly expand the upgrade from 24 to 36 months, 80 cm tall and upgraded to 100 cm tall.
  Do not underestimate this adjustment, it is actually higher safety requirements for infant clothing. China's textile products are divided into three categories: A class of baby products, and class B for direct contact with the skin products, C class is not in direct contact with the skin products. Prior to this, 2-3-year-old children's clothes simply execute the Class B standard can be. After the entry into force of new regulations under the age of three infant clothing should implement the Class A standard.

Substandard in the sale of the majority of infant clothing

  The Yiwu infant clothing sales outlets focused on in Huangyuan clothing market and other places. Found after the reporter visited the vast majority of infants in the sale of apparel products, there are tags, tag specification.
  "A new standard?" Zhang Yanling is the sales manager of a clothing Co., Ltd. in Yiwu, said she heard of the new standards.
  "This is the combed cotton fabric, very comfortable. Buy depends on the quality of there a little label relations. Week in the Huangyuan clothing market, fifth floor, who runs a children's clothing shop, his store sold infant children garments are produced in Fuyang. Reporters look at the store several baby climb climbing clothing, they both did not Water Wash, there is no tag, in accordance with the provisions of infant clothing label marked ingredients, safety, types of information printed on the infant Child Care, "the words.
  The new version of the National Textile Product Safety Technical Code is for a national mandatory standard, which means that those irregularities, not up to the infant clothing must be after August 1. However, as of now, the completion of the adjustment is basically brand children's clothing. In fact, the new regulation was originally scheduled to take effect on August 1, 2011, the reason for an extension by one year, to adjust the buffer time to the production enterprises.

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