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Yiwu Market Credit Index in May a slight increase

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-07-05

According to the City, the Bureau released late last month a "Yiwu Market Credit Index shows that in May of Yiwu Market Credit Index (YMCI) with basically the same as in April, to close at 143.99 points, compared with 141.75 last month, an increase of 1.58%.
  May, Yiwu Market Credit Index's four classification index three liters, a drop ", in which the goods quality index (141.40 points) ring ratio decreased 2.94%, trading active index (142.08 points) and merchants satisfaction index (141.00 points), Central, respectively, an increase of 1.95 %, 0.21%, risk control index (153.61 points) chain significantly increased by 10.30%.
  Analysts believe that the quality of regulatory penalties increase in the number of cases is the main reason leading to the quality of the goods index fell; Commodity turnover of a single month rise and the business user integrity, foreign investors increased satisfaction, effectively pulling the active trading and customers satisfied two Category Index rose; a substantial increase in the risk control index was mainly due to the enterprise the new number of the month significantly increased.
  Index colored lights warning subsystem monitoring, May Yiwu Market Credit Composite Index and the four sub-index of the values all greater than 110 points in the "green light" area.
  Monitoring of early warning subsystem of index fluctuations, Yiwu Market Credit Index May, commodity mass index, trading activity index and merchants satisfaction index change in the range of -5% to +5% "range, are" N "( Normal) fluctuations in the normal situation. The risk control index changes by more than 5 percent, a "B" (Better) changed for the better situation.
  "The current world economic situation in the doldrums, the domestic economic situation is not optimistic, released by the central bank on June 19 in the second quarter entrepreneur survey report, the second quarter, the business climate index was 63.7%, compared with a quarter and same period last year 0.7 and 7 percentage points lower, Peking University, China Credit Research Center, experts said, but at the same time, on the central "steady growth" policy good news continue to simmer, market enthusiasm to do more to heat up, transportation, energy, water conservancy and other recent national encourage the focus area of investment.
  The experts suggested that this period of economic development pattern is constantly adjusted, Yiwu should be concerned about changes in domestic and international macroeconomic situation, seize the new round of international and domestic development opportunities to increase investment, expand the domestic foreign trade market, and striving for international trade city, to consolidate the status of the world's leading international commodity center should be the focus of recent work.

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