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Water-saving Social Construction has Passed by Expert Assessment

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-04-11

Yesterday, by the Ministry of Water Resources, the Taihu Basin Authority, the Provincial Department of Water Resources experts compose the assessment team arrived in the city, to assess the work of the "Yiwu water-saving social construction pilot". Vice Mayor Chen Xiaozhong, accompanied by the assessment and participate in feedback meeting.
  According to reports, expert assessment is the first phase of the pilot assessment. Assessment team experts inspected the demonstration sites, review the materials, listen to the briefing on the city's water-saving society and fully affirmed that the work in our city, leaders attach importance to it, and effective measures, with remarkable results, summed up some good experience good practices worthy of study and promotion, and unanimously agreed to adopt the assessment. At this point, the city became the first assessed national water-saving society pilot counties and cities in Zhejiang Province.
  For the next step to meet the formal assessment, the evaluation team require, Yiwu use water-saving society platform, promote the management of water resources, to further improve the water-saving society construction of scientific and technological content, positive sum up experience, and an expanded role for the demonstration and make a summary of the self-assessment report.
  In 2005, the city officially launched the construction of water-saving society; 2006, the Ministry of Water Resources list as the country's second batch of water-saving society pilot. Around the goal of the pilot construction tasks, the city's efforts to promote open-source, pollution control, throttle three work, efforts to enhance the water environment, water resources, support the socio-economic development and support capabilities, implement four actions, six projects, full complete the control objectives set by the pilot program by the end of 2010 to 2011, complete eight indicators of super-regulation, the pilot during the construction of accumulated investment of 4.11 billion RMB.

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