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Yiwu Affordable housing and public rental housing start to apply to

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: YOYO      Date: 2011-10-12

According to the announced earlier this year "Yiwu Ten practical livelihood", Yiwu arrange 4 million square meters of affordable housing, in this year to achieve the main building completion; at the same time to start the public rental housing apartment and personnel rent work, the first batch will launch 326 units of public rental apartments and talent appartments.

     Yesterday, a staff in Yiwu housing office subordinated affordable housing, public rental housing applying office told reporters that at present they only accept the declaration work, the specific number is not final release, because some of the affordable housing and public rental is still under construction, they are also not clear. However, he said, families or individuals that subject to reporting conditions, , can go to Yiwu City Real Estate Information Network (Web site queries, download related working procedure information and application form to apply for affordable housing and public rental housing.

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