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Yiwu farmer paintings win national prizes

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2007-11-19

At the Third China Farmers' Painting Festival held on October 26, Yiwu farmers' paintings showed great charm:13 out of 20 Yiwu paintings won prizes, including a second prize, two third prizes and ten selection prizes."A group of Yiwu people who have never learned painting express the feelings from the bottom of their hearts in a clumsy way.However, just as a child learing to call mum or dad is pleasingly surprising its parents, so Yiwu farmers' paintings surely win high praises. They move the world with their frankness and purity,"remarked a famous appraiser. According to another appraiser of farmers' paintings, Yiwu farmeers' paintings are fascinating and impressing because of their distinctive local features of culture as well as their special use of bright colors and lovely depiction of figures and objects.

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